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About Us

Yes, we're different and we love working with the self-employed!


Our Team

Our small team of Birmingham based Advisors are delighted to help clients from across the UK. It is our duty to ensure that our clients come first and our staff are handpicked to be able to understand our clients needs personally.

Our Story

The Founders of Sherpa believe that the 14 million self-employed people in the UK are often forgotten about and taken for granted by the state, large companies, and the system.

The two Founders are both small business owners who wanted to bring a high-quality insurance advisor offering for the self-employed to protect their hard-earned income. A service they had failed to find to date in their careers.

Our aim is to bring a straightforward yet comprehensive service to our clients to ensure they understand Income Protection insurance fully, allowing them to get the cover they need and understand it's benefits and limitations.